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Research is showing eating fruits and vegetables not only boost your physical health but can also increase psychological well-being. Improvement was shown to increase in as little as two weeks. The University of Otago in New Zealand study gave young adults extra fruits and vegetables for two weeks to test for any psychological benefits. The findings showed a boost in motivation and vitality from the group who was provided added servings of fruits and vegetables. Canadians are expected to consume 7-8 for females and 8-10 for men servings of fruits and vegetables a day but unfortunately that isn’t always followed.       [1]

The study consisted of two groups, one that continued a normal diet and the other received two additional two servings of fruits and veggies such as kiwi’s, carrots, apples and oranges to incorporate into their daily consumption. Once at the start and once at the end the participants were tested in areas like depression symptoms, anxiety levels and other mental health determining factors.  The group who were given the additional fruits and vegetables (3.7 servings was among the peak for this group) showed improvements in the categories tested and showed increased motivation. These findings indicate an interesting link between nutrient intake and wellbeing, and could mean fruits and vegetables are for more than your physical health.        [2]

More research is needed to confirm these findings but a few extra fruits and veggies in your life will contribute to a healthy diet and cut the risk of chronic diseases so there is no excuse to make the recommended servings daily.