Forget about bloating with these home remedies!


Tired of annoying bloating causing you discomfort and unease? Suffer no more! We have some home remedies that are sure to help your bloating in a natural and effective way!



Lukewarm lemon water is a good place to start, this time testing method is as easy as squeezing the juice of a lemon into some warm water. The acidity from the lemon helps breakdown food and removes toxins from your body. Just add a bit of salt and enjoy!


We have been over the wonders ginger root can do for you [hyperlink]. Ginger activates with heat so mix together a few slices of ginger and a touch of lemon juice into a glass and add some boiling water. Let that sit for 10-12 minutes before drinking! Feel free to add some honey in the mix as well!


Peppermint provides health benefits while tasting great, just chew on some mint leaves or pour up a nice cup of peppermint tea!


Chamomile is known to soothe stomach aches and helps alleviate heartburn but it also helps with bloating. Drink one to two cups of chamomile tea daily to help with your bloating.



Try out these home remedies and get rid of bloating in a natural way!

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