5 Vacation Rentals in BC & Why You Should Plan a Getaway

If you are a person who lives a passionately healthy and fit lifestyle, there is also a good chance that you are a high-achiever in most aspects of your life. While it is great to live your life continually pushing yourself and reaching for the stars, the problem is that some go-getters don’t know when they need to stop going. As an athlete you teach yourself to keep pushing through the pain and that giving up is failure and weakness; however, putting your mind and body in constant states of stress can be very damaging to your health in the long run. Life is all about balance, working hard when it is time to work, and shutting down and recovering when it is time to recover.

You may already know if you are an avid gym-goer, that a muscle needs to rest and rebuild itself after an intense workout, and that working an exhausted muscle is how one causes injury to oneself. But many people don’t acknowledge that our mental muscle (the brain) also needs a rest from time to time.

Many years of working long hours, getting little sleep or rest, or having little social support produces a state known as psychological burnout. Burnout increases your risk for chronic and inflammation related diseases such as: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer, so it is important that you recognize the symptoms early and take steps to mitigate the causes of your chronic stress. [1]

The warning signs of burnout fall under 3 categories and have a few tell-tale signs:

1.Physical and Emotional Exhaustion

-Chronic fatigue, feeling drained and depleted


-Impaired concentration/forgetfulness

-Chest pain, heart palpitations, stomach pain, fainting, and/or headaches

-Increased illness

-Loss of appetite

-Anxiety, anger, and/or depression

2.Cynicism and Detachment

-Loss of enjoyment of most activities

-Pessimism – starting with negative self-talk and moving towards distrust of anyone around you

-Isolation – intentionally avoiding interactions with others

3.Ineffectiveness and Lack of Accomplishment

-Feelings of apathy and hopelessness – feeling like “what’s the point?”

-Increased irritability

-Lack of productivity and poor performance – not as productive as you once were during the same amount of time


Recovery is a slow journey, so if you feel that you may be burning out, and recognize a few of the warning signs in yourself, its important to start taking steps early. First, it is important to introspect and figure out the sources and root causes of all of the stress in your life. Try to delegate some of your workload out to other parties, work on releasing some perfectionistic or inner control-freak tendencies, and learn how to say “no” to taking on projects that you can’t handle at the time. Practice positive thinking, using meditation, mantras, deep-breathing, yoga, or positive affirmations. Lastly, slow down, and if you can, GET AWAY and take a vacation.


I am going to go one step further for you in this article and go on to recommend some vacation sites in our own back-yard, since planning a complicated vacation can usually be an added source of stress to most people. Luckily we live in Beautiful B.C., where an easy, fun, and affordable getaway is just a short road trip away. No dealing with pre-trip vaccinations, airport lines, worries about unsafe drinking water, or brushing up on foreign language skills with these great family or couple vacation rental locations.

1.Shuswap Lake

The Shuswap tourism motto is, “its not what you do, its how you do it.” Shuswap Lake is a perfect destination in any season, offering unique activities at any time of the year. From skiing, snowboarding, and sleigh rides, to rock climbing, fishing, and scuba diving. Shuswap Lake is also home to many indigenous and migratory bird species. A vacation at Shuswap is not strictly for the birds, but perfect for anyone who wants to lay back and relax, or take part in a thrilling adventure. [5]

The Chaganjuu Retreat is a delightful cabin rental, housing up to 10 guests. Situated on 50 private acres and adjacent to hiking trails, the beach, and boat launch. There is also a 9-person hot tub and wood fire pit for when your group is ready to come back and relax.Image Source: http://chaganjuu.com/shuswapcabinrental.html


2.Kootenay Lake (Nelson)

Nelson BC was named by McClean’s Magazine as one of the top “10 Places You’ve Got to See.” Its just a scenic 8-hour drive from Vancouver, so how could you not? National Geographic also called it the best emerging ski town; Nelson is home to more Cat Ski operations than anywhere else in the world. There is also an opportunity to book a guided tour of the recently re-opened Cody Caves, a definite once-in-a-lifetime experience. [6]

The Balfour Retreat is a lakefront property for rent in Queen’s Bay, an area celebrated for having the warmest water on the Kootenay Lake. This fully furnished 3-bedroom cabin is perfect for a couple, a family, or a wedding group, and is also dog friendly. A close distance from the Balfour Golf Course, Granite Point, Kokanee Springs, and Kaslo Golf courses. And also just 15 minutes from the historic Ainsworth Hot Springs. The “Prettiest Town in BC” has spectacular indoor and outdoor activities, a lively music and culture scene, and tons of beauty and heritage.

Image Source: http://www.cabinrentalbc.com/balfour_retreat.html


3.Okanagan Valley

For any wine enthusiasts, a description for this Earthly paradise is surely superfluous. But in case you need more selling, the valley possesses some Canada’s sunniest weather, which is why most of the fruit in Canada is produced here (and why it is able to give birth to such wonderful wine). Most of the region’s activities center around wine tours, but there are also watersports, sandy beaches, hiking, golf, and sightseeing. And of course we can’t forget Big White, or trying to spot the world-famous Ogopogo! [7]

La Casa is a cottage community nestled in West Kelowna. The resort consists of family cottages located on the beachfront with a tranquil forest backdrop. Amenities include: hot tubs, swimming pools, tennis courts, walking trails, a marina, and a mini-putt golf course.Image Source: http://cabinrentalbc.com/okanagan_lake.html


4.Vancouver Island

You can’t really go wrong with a stay anywhere on the island, but I really have to single out the district of Tofino, because like Neil Patrick Harris and hubby, I absolutely was in love with everything about this place. The waves and sandy beaches make Tofino Canada’s surf capital, with some of the best rides actually being caught in the winter. Although if you want to just sit back and admire the beauty, there is whale watching, storm watching, bear watching, and hot springs. They also have some of the best food in BC and their own craft brewery. [8]

Located on forested property bordering the Pacific Rim National Park are four luxury accommodations, known collectively as the Florencia Bay Hideaway. Each cabin is walking distance to the National Park’s open ocean sandy beaches, and of course the walking trails. And each private vacation rental has its own hot tub, private deck, and full bathroom with clawfoot tub.Image Source: http://florenciabay.ca/cabinscottages/halfmoon/halfmooncottage1.htm

5.The Sunshine Coast

I’ve always found the name “The Sunshine Coast” so pleasantly delightful, and also so welcoming and inviting. British Columbia’s “Best Kept Secret” has a variety of land and water activities, although is also perfectly suited for a quiet, secluded hideaway with a significant other. A plethora of dining options, wine, craft beer, spas, and shopping will really teach you what it means to be on Coast time. [9]

The Seaside Retreat on Powell River is a tranquil retreat for two on the Upper Sunshine Coast. Complimentary boats are provided by the retreat, so that you and your sweetheart can enjoy the natural sea salt water. By the water’s edge, observe otters, seals, bald eagles, and blue herons, while breathing in that coastal air. Fish, stroll, relax, and spend your vacation however you like, in the beauty and the privacy of natureImage Source: http://www.cabinrentalbc.com/seaside_escape.html

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